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Parallax Life is a community of forward thinkers, solopreneurs, and fellow explorers who are ready to let doubt and excuses fall by the wayside so they can live their life fully.

If you think you never have enough money to travel, want a flexible lifestyle by running a smooth business that actually supports you, you’ll feel right at home within the Parallax community.

Here at Parallax Life, I inspire freelancers, artists and solo-preneurers into action to cut through the noise and build the career of their dreams with purpose and profit.

Free tutorials drop each Friday on my YouTube channel for Feisty Photographer Fridays!

Do you think you need a new camera? Think again! I help average people like you learn what their current camera needs from them in order to capture dynamic images and aren’t stuck on the computer.

It is easy to create a book for any occasion and #freeyourphotos from the digital void.

Tuesdays on the blog, we hack your natural spending so your money works FOR you by providing cash back or miles/points.

You can live the life you’ve dreamt about and take that bucket list vacation by learning the plethora of ways to earn cheap plane tickets and free hotel stays.

I dream of a world where heirlooms and experiences matter more than smartphones, small businesses succeed more often than they fail, and every family has the freedom to travel.
how to become a wedding photographer
Heather McKay
Travel Blog-tographer

As a fully self-employed single lady, I needed my recent big bucket-list adventure to Africa to be FREE. I knew it would not be ideal for my business to take seven weeks off, so I had to be smart about it. While planning, I learned to automate most daily tasks like sending out billing reminders and I learned how to get my everyday business and personal spending to pay me in points and miles.

My seven-week African Adventure was the trip of a lifetime and I have now repeated the process several times.

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As I age I wonder… whatever happened to that person I was in college? What happened to that unconventional life I always thought I was meant to lead?

My name is Heather and I’ve built a six-figure wedding photography business in Rochester NY. It took me way too long to get there and I strive to help others get there faster.

On the side, I’m also a budding travel hacker and AirBnB photographer who has finally crossed her biggest bucket list destination off the list.

I love traveling cheap, getting paid to create cool photos, teaching photography workshops, meeting new people, snuggling cats, kissing babies, drinking good coffee, snowboarding and listening to heavy metal in the mornings. Oh, and then there is whiskey….

how to become a wedding photographer

The Parallax Life blog has two passions:

  • One, I help families earn cheap vacations and then create a one of a kind vacation book from their adventure. 
  • Two, using my 15 years of entrepreneurial knowledge, I teach side hustlers and small businesses how to get out of their own way in regards to closing a sale, how to automate social media and up their photography/branding game.

Heather has been by mentor for over five years, and I am grateful for her reliable information and honest opinion (even though sometimes it is so honest it hurts). Because of her consultations I have been able to pursue a business in the arts and feel confident in creating a business plan with goals that are attainable. With her referrals and advice I have also been able to hack my airplane tickets down to really affordable fares, meanwhile earning points for future adventures. Heather understands that traveling feeds the soul, she truly wants to make sure you get the most bang for your buck!
Fine Artist Kristina Kaiser Costa Rica
~ Kristina
Artist / Creative Guru / Event & Art Residency Director at The YARDS Collective

What is Parallax?


the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions, e.g., through the viewfinder and the lens of a camera.
the angular amount of parallax in a particular case, especially that of a star viewed from different points in the earth’s orbit.

Parallax is my metaphor for life.

Parallax lifestyle travel blog by Heather McKay and photos for Air BnB websites

As a photographer, parallax is what happens when you look through the viewfinder of a camera and the lens captures the same scene, yet just slightly off. 

This is what happens when you see an amazing stock photo of a travel destination vs. what your experience was when you are actually in that scene.

Alternately, what you are trying to take a picture of and wondering why it didn’t come out?!! Your eyes see the scene differently from your camera.

Start your journey by learning what the heck ‘travel hacking’ even means, where to begin down the rabbit hole of points and miles or pick up a few more powerful tricks to amp up your current points earning.

Next, find ways to free your photos and actually DO something with them by creating an heirloom adventure book!


Do you have an idea of what parallax means to you? Send me an email or leave a comment so we can discuss your struggles on the blog! 
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