My first Google Hangout Webinar: an album design workshop for photographers

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When a winter blizzard cancelled our local Greater Rochester Professional Photographers meeting three years ago, I set up my first Google Hangout on Air webinar to teach the class on how to design wedding albums. This turned into a review of Google Hangouts, Fundy Album Designer, SmartAlbums, Video Conferencing for business as well as a Q&A about my wedding album sales process.

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Wedding Planning 101: Hiring a wedding photographer – Tips from a pro

Hey, you are engaged! Congratulations! Ah, the wedding photography. Hiring a wedding photographer is usually a stressful ‘to-do’ list item to be checked off in the whirlwind that is wedding planning. There is also a race to lock someone good in before they book your date. Choosing the best photographer for you is a daunting task, so let me give you some little known tips on hiring YOUR ideal wedding photographer.

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The history of the diamond engagement ring and some conflict-free alternatives

A short history of the diamond engagement ring and ways to buy an alternative to a diamond wedding ring so it is more eco-friendly and conflict free.

Nothing says “I love You” like war right?? Diamonds have an entire classification called “Blood Diamonds” that were mined to fund insurgency and war. So where do you buy conflict-free diamond alternatives? Continue reading