What to wear as a wedding photographer

What to wear as a wedding photographer

When you are beginning your photography business, there are so many random things to work through. A common early question is “what should I wear to a wedding if I’m the wedding photographer”? You want to be comfortable, yet you want to fit in with the wedding style. How to do you straddle that line […]

SmartAlbums Tutorial: how to reload previews

SmartAlbums Tutorial: how to reload previews

SmartAlbums is an album design software for photographers and it has been my software of choice since the first day it hit the market. I’m in LOVE with it. This software has transformed how I design wedding albums and removes all of the stress of offering books to my photography clients. In today’s SmartAlbums tutorial, […]

Should you mount prints prior to framing?

Should you mount prints prior to framing?

Recently, I sat down with photographer Emma Thurgood to interview her about things that every professional frame shop wishes photographers knew about mounting prints and framing. Thanks to a sorta heated Facebook thread, we talked about everything you need to know about mounting and framing your photography for wedding and portrait clients so they are […]

How to sell wall art: Virtual In-Person Sales techniques for photographers

How to sell wall art: Virtual In-Person Sales techniques for photographers

Are you ready to offer and sell wall art, but think it is too hard? Do you think you don’t have time for IPS or In-Person Sales? Think again. Offering your photography as albums, wall art, metal prints, canvas prints, holiday cards and other products for your photography clients doesn’t have to be time consuming. […]

My first Google Hangout Webinar: an album design workshop for photographers

My first Google Hangout Webinar: an album design workshop for photographers

When a winter blizzard canceled our local Greater Rochester Professional Photographers meeting three years ago, I set up my first Google Hangout on Air webinar for my album design for photographers.

This turned into a review of Google Hangouts, Fundy Album Designer, SmartAlbums, Video Conferencing for business as well as a Q&A about my wedding album sales process. SO, if you are a budding photographer who is building a side hustle, it is worth the watch.

This was my first time using Google Hangouts on Air, as it was brand new.

Hilariously, this past week, I spent an entire day watching webinars on CreativeLive about the tips and tricks with Google Hangouts…. and rewatching this made me realize that DUH! I already knew this stuff!

Oh, Heather, you stupid stupid girl.

Furthermore, it reminded me that I’m a natural at working through new technology and figuring out how to harness its power. Why oh why am I not just running with these things right away?? I digress….

how to become a professional photographer

My first Google Hangout Webinar: album design for photographers


  • minutes 1—-> 11:50 we review Google Hangouts on Air
  • then until minute 25, we discuss album designing software, album design tips for photographers, etc.
  • until minute 39 when we digress back into the Google Hangout tutorial
  • and then the video finishes off with my process of presenting the wedding album to my clients either in person or over video chat software
  • finally, I teach one of the ‘presenters’ how to improve his lighting for the webinar
  • Enjoy!

I know is is a little rambling, and that is because it was really just a test drive about album design for photographers.


hot to use Google Hangouts to design and sell wedding albums to your clients

Please share your thoughts, critiques, and insights!

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As a photographer for over 15 years, I’ve realized that my favorite part of the job is in creating and designing one of a kind heirloom wedding albums for my couples. There is nothing quite like seeing your hard work perfectly cultivated in print form. Albums are a perfect portfolio and highlight my strengths and weaknesses as a wedding photographer. They tell a story of not only the wedding day, but also the couple, their families and what it felt like to be witness to a new marriage. 


In this video, I cover all sorts of topics concerning selling wedding albums to my couples remotely, design software basics, my policies and procedures for their changes and how I proof their album online.


Additionally, we have a guest online named Chris Clemens of the Exploring Upstate blog and we chat about his blogging journey, how to light for video streaming and much more. 


The video was a work in progress/test drive, so I suggest you use the schedule above to find the pieces you are looking for and subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates.

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