My first Google Hangout Webinar: an album design workshop for photographers

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When a winter blizzard cancelled our local Greater Rochester Professional Photographers meeting three years ago, I set up my first Google Hangout on Air webinar to teach the class on how to design wedding albums. This turned into a review of Google Hangouts, Fundy Album Designer, SmartAlbums, Video Conferencing for business as well as a Q&A about my wedding album sales process.

This was my first time using Google Hangouts on Air, as it had JUST launched. Hilariously, this past week, I spent an entire day watching webinars about the tips and tricks with Google Hangouts…. and rewatching this made me realize that DUH! I already knew this stuff! Oh, Heather, you stupid stupid girl. Furthermore, it reminded me that I’m a natural at working through new technology and figuring out how to harness it’s power. Why oh why am I not just running with these things right away?? I digress….

My first Google Hangout Webinar: album design for photographers


  • minutes 1—-> 11:50 we review Google Hangouts on Air
  • then until minute 25 we discuss album designing software, album design tips for photographers, etc.
  • until minute 39 when we digress back into the Google Hangout tutorial
  • and then the video finishes off with my process of presenting the wedding album to my clients either in person or over video chat software
  • finally, I teach one of the ‘presenters’ how to improve his lighting for the webinar
  • Enjoy!

I know is is a little rambling, and that is because it was really just a test drive about album design for photographers.

how to use Google Hangouts and album design for photographers

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