Parallax Life gives creative based entrepreneurs the freedom to live fully on their terms by implementing sound business methods. Once the business is setup, we develop a plan to use normal business expenses to earn cheap and free vacations.


I’m a business mentor for creatives who struggle with charging what they are worth. They know they need to value their time and work by raising their prices, but they worry about scaring away customers. I help them confidently reach their financial goals.


Do you struggle with your personal or small business photography? Together, we will craft the perfect aesthetic for your budding Etsy storefront, website/blog, AirBnB, Instagram feed or YouTube channel so you can automate with repeatable results.

Travel Hacking

Would you love to learn easy ways to harness your normal everyday spending for free cash or cheap travel? Learn how to live the life you have only been able to dream about and do it with financial responsibility.

 About Heather

About Heather

As a wedding photographer who built a thriving six-figure photography business at the crux of film meeting the digital age, I have a passion for enabling other beginner creators in laying the groundwork for success. There are so much misinformation and plenty of false promises in the world and I'm here to bust each and every one of them with straight talk. Being an entrepreneur is hard hard work, and yet highly rewarding. It has enabled me to travel the world using mostly my business spending and I create priceless heirlooms for new families. I enjoy a Parallax Life.

The Rag Tag Team

I couldn't be a one woman army without my trusty friend, sidekick, confidant and stylist. Parallax Life is Heather, with a little Kristina as an added spice.
Heather McKay
Heather McKay
Founder & CEO
Kristina Kaiser
Kristina Kaiser
Artist + Travel Planner

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