My first Google Hangout Webinar: an album design workshop for photographers

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When a winter blizzard cancelled our local Greater Rochester Professional Photographers meeting three years ago, I set up my first Google Hangout on Air webinar to teach the class on how to design wedding albums. This turned into a review of Google Hangouts, Fundy Album Designer, SmartAlbums, Video Conferencing for business as well as a Q&A about my wedding album sales process.

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Travel Hacking 101: earning credit card reward points!

Are you interested in cheap or free travel?

Well, you have come to the right place to get my secret tips for earning credit card reward points! Last year, I traveled used 238,000 frequent flier miles for travel all around the world. The total spent on flights was a whopping $127. and you can do this too! There are no affiliation links in this post…. Just real information based on my experiences and what I’ve learned.  Continue reading

The World’s Worst Life Advice

Opinions are like assholes, right? Everyone has one. Well, here is a long rant about other people’s opinions in my life and why I think they are the world’s worst life advice and how this has held me back in having the life of my dreams.

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