My Top 5 Must Pack Items For Any Trip

As an avid hiker, wedding photographer, travel blogger and just all around practical person, these are my top 5 must pack items for any trip. I will never leave home without them!

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Nothing is worse than traveling with people where things are falling out of their purse and are what I call my mother: a ‘hot mess‘…. My goal while traveling is to be streamlined in motion and in packing! So, here you go…

top 5 must pack items for any trip

  1. Mengo Slim-Snap Aluminum Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount Holder. Seriously. This thing is ah-mazing and didn’t drop the phone once while driving the crazy bumpy back roads of Costa Rica. Not even on the craziest of roads. I’m in love! The hardest part is remembering to grab it when you turn in the rental car (DOH! Ireland!)magnetic air vent phone holder for car
  2. A quick conversion chart for local currency. Save it as a photo on your phone and mark as “Favorite” for quick access when stumbling in a market:  ** As a very rough estimate, the image would cost between $1200-1500, depending upon the size. Shipping can get pricey over 60 inches, as they have a crate and courier service ($100-350), so factor that expense in as well. ** Metal prints can come in ANY size, up to 90 inches. If you want to see exactly how something will look on your wall, use craft paper, wrapping paper, landscape fabric or large cardboard as a measuring tool! It is a cheap and easy way to see what is perfect for the space. You can tape it in place.
  3. Protein snacks for the flight, delays and long road trips. My favorite are Lara Bars and squeezable peanut butter… all airports have bananas and apples, so it makes a cheap and easy quick snack option with protein to fuel your travel.
  4. Collapsable water bottle for all travel and day trips. Attach a carabiner to your water bottle and to your bag for hands free ease (I always bring several carabiners on my trips…). You can also fill the water bottle after going through airport security, thereby saving a few $ each time you top 5 tips for must pack items for any trip
  5. A GoPro camera for Ziplining or any other adventure! Did you know that you can also pull single images out of a GoPro video really easily?? Yep! I brought a GoPro Pole to Costa Rica and it was a cinch to use while zipping through the rain forest canopy. Our guides even offered to film us, though I liked the challenge of figuring it out myself. When I did a bucket list Microlight flight over Victoria Falls, they offered either still or video images from their GoPro mounted on the wing. Always op for the video! That way you have both! go pro picture from videousing a go pro pole to photograph a zip line in Costa Rica

What else do I typically bring on any trip? Well, my iPhone (a local SIM card is cheaper than the international phone plan, a pair of shoes I can wash in a sink, ear plugs / eye mask, and wet wipes or similar for what my Dad calls a “G.I. shower”.

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What do you never leave the house without?? Do you have a must pack item that you bring on every trip? Share with us your top tips….

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