travel blogger explores dung beetles

African Adventure: Dung Beetles

Africa has a plethora of species of animals to explore on your bucket list adventure and most people focus on The Big Five.

Other little guys you will encounter are smaller and vital parts of the ecosystem.

Dung Beetles are the trash compactors of the bush, they roll and remove all of the animal poop! and I have them on video!!

travel blogger explores dung beetles

Weird little dung beetles

When I went on my bucket list African adventure, elephants were really all I had on my list of animals to spend time with.

What I didn’t expect was falling in love with the silly little Dung Beetle!

Honestly, I didn’t even know they existed.

Surely, I never thought much about where all of the poop goes… Oddly, this part of the natural ecosystem was pretty interesting.

African Elephants and other wildlife leave a lot of waste behind. 

The African Dung Beetle is nature’s clean-up crew, rolling poop out of the roads and paths. They remind me of Wall-E!

The Dung Beetle buries its eggs in the poop ball and then buries it. When the baby dung beetle hatches, it has a full supply of nutrition to eat right there.

Elephants only digest about 40% of their food, so this nutrient-rich food source is vital for the Dung Beetles.

Who knew that beetles would be so interesting? I sure didn’t. I’m not even one for bugs at all, however, after seeing these little guys in action, I became hooked.

Once, near my lodge, I saw a female sitting atop a ball, with the male rolling her away and all of a sudden the ball got away from the male with the female still atop! He was looking frantically for her and it was cute and sad all at the same time.

If you drive in Africa, please don’t drive through or over the poop in the road…. it may just be the home of a bunch of dung beetles….

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