Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers 2018

The Best FREE Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers

Myself, I’ve always been a SOOC (straight out of the camera) type of photographer, however, recently I’ve been playing with Lightroom presets more and more.

Sometimes it’s tough to get my Nikon and Fuji camera profiles to match. Other times, I’m trying to get digital and film images to look consistent. 

Photo Editing tools from experts like Mastin Labs, VSCO, and other Lightroom preset providers has opened up my wedding photo editing process (or ‘wediting” as I like to call it).

Recently, I found the Best FREE Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers!

Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers

The problem of getting a fast turnaround for wedding photos is relevant for all modern wedding photographers. We are swamped and on the go and Brides just can’t wait to see their wedding photos.

How do you keep quick deadlines and make the photos look amazing? This is quite important for beginners, as well as for experienced professionals.

Today, at Parallax Life I want to make your photo business easier and more profitable.

That’s why we present you the best free Lightroom presets for weddings.

Lightroom Presets are created according to the nuances of romantic photoshoots of newlyweds. The presets help turn an ordinary photo into a stylish and fashionable one by means of color correction. All you need is a desktop, Adobe Lightroom software, and several minutes.

These free Lightroom presets are universal, which means that they can be used for all portrait and group photos. However, it is worth it to experiment with different variants to find the best one that can make your photos look excellent and true to your brand.

  • Presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC, on Mac and Windows.
  • They work on RAW and JPEG images and are fully customizable.

Free Wedding Lightroom Presets

Free 10 Lightroom presets for weddings by FixthePhoto will underline the unique mood of the special day and the charm of the loving couple. Moreover, you can use these presets for other types of outdoor photoshoots because these presets are universal.

The collection includes the “Cold Light Preset” for photos taken near water and the “Vintage Soft Preset” for classical wedding portraits near reception. Just find the best way to create a nice cozy atmosphere and enhance your memorable wedding photos! 

Trendy Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photos

Lightroom presets are cool, popular, and useful presets for portrait editing as well.

Summer days are full of sun, so it’s very important to use light professionally.

Free Lightroom wedding presets serve to take unusual and bright photos with a nice tone, sun flares, and other criteria to the next level.

They are pretty simple in use, so you can apply to them even if you only start working in Lightroom.

Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers 2018

Light and Airy Lightroom Presets

Fix the Photo offers a bundle of 10 free Lightroom wedding presets that can be used for various types of romantic photos made outdoors on the wedding day.

The presets were designed by qualified photographers and tested on many bridal images for giving your photos a mysterious, moody, or atmospheric look.

Just download the free collection and make your photos pop in just one click.

Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers 2018

Free VSCO Lightroom Presets

It’s a chance for you to improve the quality of your favorite wedding or romantic photoshoots in a trendy film style.

You can use this old-fashion effect, correct skin tone & make colors more saturated. Portrait, decoration, and family photos can look much better thanks to these free Lightroom presets for wedding photographers.

Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers 2018

Film Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers

The perfect collection of 10 various free film presets for Lightroom to bring up the professional level of your wedding photos and give them a glamorous touch.

Lightroom presets can save you valuable photo editing time and make your pictures look better in several clicks. Now you don’t need any special skills to correct colors, fix white balance, remove yellowish tints, and add film grains. 

Their free wedding Lightroom presets give you a cool opportunity to enhance wedding photos not only for pro photographers but also for couples for your photos taken on the phone.

So, you can take professional photos without professional retouching/editing help and they’re free, so they increase your profit margin. 

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