I’m a business mentor for photographers who struggle with charging what they are worth. They know they need to value their time and skill by raising their prices but worry about scaring away customers. I help them confidently attract the right clients and increase their sales.

Profit Amplifier Program: the foundation for a profitable photography business

You started your business because everyone said you were great at photography and you thought you could earn a lot of money on the side. You picked prices that made sense to you and seemed affordable to your customers. You included digital files because you don’t have time for selling in person and pricing albums and prints give you headaches.

Then you realized that you weren’t keeping enough money for the amount of work that you were doing and missed having free time with your family. However, you worry that if you charge too much, nobody will book you and you don’t even know what the new prices should be in order to take home the income you want.

You know it is time to raise your prices and offer new products; however, you’re afraid that you aren’t worth the new rates and your clients won’t pay higher prices.

Is the Profit Amplifier Program Right for You?

You want to have a photography business that supports your life, with customers that are ready to spend money on your photography. You’re ready to earn more, work less, and run a business that just works.

You’re ready to have easy to explain packages, with products that sell themselves. You want confidence in what you charge and a clear strategy for creating future product lines and photography services as you grow.

Do any of these sound familiar??

  • You wonder why your business isn’t giving you the income you hoped it would.
  • When you try to sell products, you feel like a used car salesman.
  • You now realize that there are more expenses and less profit than you first thought.
  • You’re afraid that raising your prices will scare away customers.

I’ll teach you how to know that your pricing and products are worth your time and why your customers will be excited to pay your new rates. When we’re done, you’ll have the tools to create the balanced finances to sustain your business throughout the year. 

Together, we’ll find how to take you from being a hobby priced photographer to a professional photographer.

After working with me, you will:

  • Take the trial and error out of pricing.
  • Simplify and strategically choose products that your customers actually want to buy.
  • Learn how to build packages that are exciting and also making you money.
  • Raise your prices without the fear of customers running away screaming.
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The Profit Amplifier Program includes:

The Profit Amplifier Workbook:

Learn how to make products and packages that make sense to your customers and support the lifestyle that you desire. The Profit Amplifier workbook helps me guide you through your real business costs and discover the income that you need to survive and thrive.

The Feisty Photographer Session:

Work one-on-one with me over a virtual coffee (or beer!) to discuss your pricing struggles and develop unique-to-you offers that your clients can’t resist. You will learn how to batch design packages with fees that not only cover your business expenses, they also set expectations with your clients. You will hone in on what you want to offer, how to offer it, and how to grow your business with ease.

The Profit Magnifier Session:

Inevitably, new questions and situations arise or you get pushback from clients on your new prices. This is where the final session comes in to save the day. During a quick final call, I’ll offer clarity on where you are struggling and laser focus on what to solve next with a checklist to complete as you build your business.

When we are finished, you will know that your pricing reflects your time and work, while also knowing that your clients will still book. Your new pricing will give you the framework to reach all of your financial goals and build packages that sell.

Are you interested in working with me to rock your pricing?

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2) Download Workbook

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3) Get Started

Fill out the first section of the Profit Amplifier Formula Workbook to lay the groundwork for your personal and business financial goals.

4) Meet with Me

At the appointed time, we will have your 1-to-1 session and get you ready to charge what you are worth!

Not sure? Hit me up with any questions or concerns before you book:

Give me a holler at heather (at) parallaxlife.com

Hear what others have to say:

Although people had been encouraging me to sell my artwork for some time, nobody explained HOW to go about it (and I certainly didn't know what prices to choose). One conversation with Heather opened my eyes to a methodical and logical structure of pricing -- one that reflected the uniqueness of my work, that respected the time and labour I put into my work, and ultimately one that honored my value as an artist. I'm so thankful that we continue to communicate and can bolster artistry together!
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how to price wedding photography for beginners