How to Sell Anything With Ease

When you started your small business, you did it because you loved what you do and people started asking to hire you or pay you for your work. Naturally, it’s hard to sell anything when we don’t believe in what we are doing or don’t have a sales background. 

Most of the time, we pick numbers off the top of our head that sound good to us and we just get started with our first clients. 

Then, at some point, you come to a client who wants (or needs) more. 

More than your regular offering. 

If you are lucky, they will just ask you for more, but most of the time it is us that needs to offer more.

Today, I’m sharing a little story to help guide you through the process of leveling up your sales goals with ease.

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How To Level Up Your Average Sales Easily

Recently, a landscaping friend of mine hired me to help her with a big job that she had booked.

You see, I love digging in the dirt and I love any excuse to get away from a computer. Plus, if I randomly work with her then I actually get to hang out with her. She’s hilarious 🤣so you get it… and she’s super busy from the first thaw to after the first frost.

We were talking about the gardening gig she needed my help with and naturally I was peppering her about her sales and how she got this big job.

Her client is elderly and had a good friend pass away this year. It’s so sad to not see our friends again, however, the real takeaway that this wonderful lady had was:


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So she called my friend, the landscaper, and asked her to install new flower beds surrounding the house and everything had to be flowering.

What Is Sales? And How Can it Be Easy?

This, my friends, is what SALES looks like…. It’s not being pushy. It’s not being ‘salesy’. It’s not aggressive.

Sales is helping.

–>> Repeat that 42 times until you get it.

–>> Feel it.


  • We are the stewards of their family history.
  • We provide heirlooms that their kids grow up playing around.
  • We create cool and unique statement pieces that make their friends envious.
  • or sometimes it’s just as simple as giving them more ways to enjoy nature…

More on how to rethink ‘sales’ and the dreaded ‘up-selling’ here.

Getting Over the Fear of the $ Sign

…but back to the story…

So my landscaper pal had to now draw up a quote for a big gig she had not done before.

She needed a game plan, pricing, and to really think about how much time this would take out of her normal maintenance-style landscaping jobs.

This is why I was picking her brain. I wanted to know how it all went for her.

Here’s the thing, she’s a very thorough person and I knew she knew to charge for her time to go to 4 different nurseries to find the right plants for her client, + all of the other things that go into a big job like this… I wasn’t worried about her not pricing it high enough.

–>> I wanted to hear how it FELT to send the quote.

She said that her boyfriend always talks about things in betting terms… he saw the quote and thought the over/under was about 15%. That means that her biggest cheerleader thought she had about a 15% chance of this quote getting accepted.

My friend slept on it, fretted over it, and finally sent over the huge quote to her client.

The only thing her client sent back once the quote was received was: “I called the utilities company to come out and mark the land.”

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Tweet
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Your Money Mindset Is in the Way

You see, here’s the deal... what we think is too expensive, other people probably think it’s just about right.

Or they budgeted for it.

Or they don’t care because they just want MORE FLOWERS.

The point is… detach your own expectations from the price and just help your clients solve problems that only you know how to do.

–>> It’s 150% easier to do it again the second time.

The first time is the hardest. It’s painful, full of fear of rejection, etc.

But the second time is just business as usual. 💁🏻‍♀️

Leveling up is a beautiful thing.🙌🏽

Leveling UP is a Beautiful Thing

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