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How to sell wall art: Virtual In-Person Sales techniques for photographers

Are you ready to offer and sell wall art, but think it is too hard? Do you think you don’t have time for IPS or In-Person Sales?

–>> Think again.

Offering your photography as albums, wall art, metal prints, canvas prints, holiday cards and other products for your photography clients doesn’t have to be time consuming.

You don’t need complicated photography sales software or even have to leave your house to sell wall art to your clients. If you have Photoshop, you are all set.

I sell heirlooms even while traveling around Scotland with my parents and you can too.

With rough and dirty Photoshop and a few emails I create unique photography projects with my clients, even while I travel.

Once you know what you are selling, and simplify the process, it is easy to do what I call Virtual In-Person Sales (V-IPS).

how to sell wall art to photography customers
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What is In-Person Sales?

There are typically three-four different business models for photographers.

Many new photographers are so busy learning how to use their camera gear, dealing with clients, editing the images, and learning all the tech for running their small business that they leave out a crucial piece of the equation: FULLY serving their customers.

Naturally, the easiest thing to do is what clients say they want and that’s to give digital files to them after the photo session.

The only problem with that is that your clients are never really taken care of and you are also maxing out how much you can earn on each photography gig.

Eventually, you realize that you are working SO hard and just not seeing the financial results. You might be ready to sell wall art.

Maybe your past clients have come to you asking you to make a canvas or book for them. 

You know when it is time to offer more to your clients.

When you are ready to go from including digitals (shoot-n-burn or selling digitals) to In-Person Sales (IPS), you might feel overwhelmed. 

You probably have these common questions/fears:

  • What price is appropriate for a canvas?
  • Will your clients actually be able to afford them?
  • Will you still book as many gigs?
  • Do you really have the time for more client meetings?

Selling wall art doesn't have to be hard.

The process is simple for selling your photography, regardless of how you do it. You first have to start with a cool idea that your client hasn’t explored and then make it super easy for them to buy it from you.

Typically, when photographers are struggling booking clients or selling their work, I find that the true sticking point is that they just didn’t make it easy enough for the client to give them their money.

You might think that the price is the issue, or competition, or whatever else. 

Ask yourself this: “How many steps does my client have to go through before finalizing the sale?”

If you come prepared to make the sale with everything you need to simplify the process, the rest is a piece of cake. 

–>> When was the last time you asked the client what they wanted to do with the images *before* you photographed their session?

  • Have you told them what would look really cool over their sofa?
  • Have you told them which image should be the one that gets printed large?
  • Are you good at brainstorming?
  • How about listening?

How to sell wall-art without being in-person

Recently, while I was traveling around Scotland with my parents, one of the parents of a bride emailed me because they wanted to remodel their living room so they could buy a metal print of the wedding photos. 

You read that right… they emailed me and ASKED to buy a print.

That’s my whole deal. That’s my guide to anti-selling. 

Everything in my business is setup to get them to this step… asking to buy.

–>> It’s exactly what I teach in my one-on-one Profit Amplifier Program.

Virtual IPS Step-by-Step

The project started with this gorgeous living room remodel project. My client wanted to order a statement piece for above their mantle with a wedding photo, they just weren’t sure which one.

I guided them in ordering a more artistic image from the wedding that is 99% a photo of the stunning Basilica and the Bride and Groom are actually tiny in the bottom of the photo.

We tackled that project completely through texting while I was driving around Scotland, living the laptop life.

As you can see, all it took for this Virtual IPS sale of wall-art was a few steps:

  1. I had them send me a cell phone photo of the room/location for the print.
  2. I asked them measure the space above the fireplace.
  3. I did a rough draft in Photoshop, using their measurements.
  4. It was easy to see that the mirror they had was nearly the perfect size for a print… just horizontal instead of vertical.
  5. HOT TIP: our clients aren’t very good at visualizing, so I try to get them to put something there that’s the same size.
  6. To ensure my math was correct, I had them cut out a piece of cardboard to put in that spot and GET MY APPROVAL on the size. (Not the other way around! I’m the expert and decide what size is best).
  7. We picked the best image for the space.
how to sell wall art from the road

The next project is featured in this Photoshop tutorial below, with my thought process around laying out a large grouping, as well as how to up-sell naturally. 

When you have the client’s best interests in mind, selling is simple.
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In this week’s video tutorial, I show you how I sold, designed, and created metal photo prints for a wedding client’s home while I was on vacation in Scotland using texting and Photoshop.

You don’t have to be perfect. All you have to do is to give the client an idea and get their approval. To be clear, I do this work once I have their financial commitment. Either way, it can be as fast as you want it to be.

This photography tutorial shows you how to use Photoshop for some quick and dirty layout options for a Bride’s mom’s wedding photo collage and took me about 15 minutes (while I was on vacation in Scotland!).

I also share tips on how to talk to your client about their photo choices, proper sizing, visualizing the space where the images will be hung, and how to do a screenshot on a Mac.

how to offer and sell wall art while traveling or with IPS sales method for a statement piece in a living room.

Most people aren’t good at visualizing and need to SEE what you are talking about.

Show them.

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How do you sell wall art and albums remotely?

Share in the comments below with your top tip!

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