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My home office storage for boutique photography packaging

A few years ago, I remodeled my home office for my photography studio when I accidentally bought a standing desk and this cool packaging station from a photographer friend.

Mary was downsizing her boutique photography studio and was liquidating a lot of her inventory. Ironically, I went looking for a piece of furniture for a spare bedroom, but came out with new furniture for my home office instead. 

This triggered an office remodel for my at-home photography studio!

photographer packaging supplies

Simple Office Storage Solution:

My photography business has been built DIY on a shoestring budget, and since I pay for my own retirement and healthcare, upgrading office furniture (or even camera gear) hasn’t been a strong priority.

When I saw the modern standing desk and minimalist office storage solution that Mary was selling, I couldn’t pass it up.

My home-office lost FOUR pieces of mismatched furniture! I downsized to just two highly functional desk solutions which include a standing computer desk and a packaging station.

Efficiency has been off the charts ever since, thanks to the standing desk.

Packaging my boutique photography products takes a lot less time because everything that I need is right within reach.

Do you want to see what goes into packaging a large print order and what I keep in my packaging station? Here is my behind the scenes walkthrough of what I have in my packaging desk for my wedding photography business.

I show you how it is organized and how I can package a very large photo print order in just minutes!

Wedding photography packaging ideas

office storage for photographers
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This beautiful Martha Stewart crafting station and standing desk that is in my home office makes my life so easy, productive, and minimalist.

Are you wondering how I organize home photography studio and where I source my boutique photography packaging supplies?

Well, in the packaging station, I keep a variety of sizes of print folders, print boxes, tissue paper, business cards, copyright information, gift certificates, engagement event cards, and USB drive boxes.

Drop shipping photo orders to customers is painless when you have the perfect home office and are set up for efficiency.

I can package my entire Holiday Print Sale in under an hour! That’s $5000 worth of prints!

home office for photographers who do IPS

Boutique packaging for photographers

Where do I find boutique packaging for photography?

Modern photography packaging supplies can be found at Rice Studio Supply, Design Aglow, {affiliate link}, Uline, H-B Photo, and a few other places, like WHCC photo lab

I’ve been using Rice Studio Supply for years and love their large frame bags for schlepping sample canvases to my client’s homes for their in-person sales appointment.

Do you dread self-fulfilling your print orders? It doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and your profit can be MUCH higher if you package and ship yourself. 

–>> Here is another hot tip: Batch Process!

  • Place all of your print orders on Friday.
  • They should arrive from the lab by the following Wednesday.
  • Package and ship them all out by Friday.
wedding photography packaging ideas and a desk to keep packaging supplies for photography business.

What does your home office look like?

Share a photo in the comments! I would love to see other photography packaging supplies.

office storage for photographers

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