how to sell and offer canvas prints for new photographers

My Top Secret Tips for Selling without having to Sell

The easiest way to sell wall art

Over the years, I’ve perfected my tips for selling large canvas photos, metal prints, wedding albums and holiday cards.

How confident are you in offering products to your customers? Or would you rather just take pictures all day and magically have your customers come back and ask for a large wall print for their living room?

Does sales sound like a dirty word? You feel like a used car salesman at best and super greedy at worst.

You know you need more than just the session fee in order to have an income that rewards your time and work, but you struggle to get clients to buy anything big and just don’t have the time for In-Person Sales.

how to Sell photo books for families and newborn photography

You hear clients constantly ask about digital files and yet you know they aren’t going to print anything themselves.

Help your clients out by getting in front of it. Today, I’m sharing my super secret tip for selling products that sell themselves and giving you resources that you can steal and use today!

My Top Secret Tips for Selling without having to Sell

I use a one / two punch for prepping my customers to buy with ease.

1) BEFORE they even book me, we talk about what they will DO with the images. I’ll ask that exact question:

What are you planning to do with the images?


That’s when I naturally bring up some ideas. If it is a newborn photo shoot, we can do birth announcements, 5x7s for the office, 8x10s or accordion books for the Grandparents and maybe start a ‘family wall’ in their home!

–> Guess what happens when you have ideas to bring to the table??

–> They buy everything you mention!

2) AT the shoot, I’ll bring a giant bag of canvas prints of a variety of sizes and my trusty little sales kit.

Why do I shlep a giant, bulky and awkward bag of canvas prints to their house???

I do it because 99.9% of people need to see things so they can imagine them. I hold up a canvas up on their wall, where I think they should have one so they can really get a sense of the size of their space. 

If you leave it up to them, they will order a few 8×10 prints and call it a day. 

–> Take charge of the situation by helping them visualize a giant canvas in their home.

SO, what’s in my sales kit?? You’ll have to watch the video to find out 😉

Do you have a blog? Social media? Share these tutorials I’ve made for my own clients so they can see why going through you is better than using a coupon and Shutterfly…

Write the canvas size on the back for quick reference.

I take a note on my phone of what size fits what wall so I don’t have to do this work twice (or remember). Shazaam!

Now, go get your own sales kit together and let me know how your first big sale turns out.

how to sell photography without in person sales

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