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How I found confidence in my pricing: My own pricing journey

I wasn’t born the Profit Amplifier and sales guru that I am today. Like all photographers, I struggled in my early years to charge enough for my photography, have confidence in my prices, gave too many discounts, and felt apologetic every time I sent an invoice.

My own personal journey with confidence in my photography pricing was mostly a haphazard journey, like everyone else.

If you haven’t already joined us, we are a small and intimate group where I go LIVE often to answer your questions or share my own failures. Today’s video is one example of what goes on inside my group.
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How to find confidence in pricing your services

For the first few years, my mentor was picking numbers off the top of her head for what I should charge based off of my experience.
Quickly, I realized that I wasn’t charging enough, earning enough, was spending too much, and I was taking gigs from my mentor due to my lower price.
Eventually, I took a deep breath and raised my prices A LOT. Like 30%.
The first client that got my new price list was a couple hiring me about a month away from their wedding.
I was SO nervous.
Jenna and Dave met with me and we hit it off right away. I was excited to get another wedding in my season and they had looked at over a dozen Rochester wedding photographers but only liked me.
When they picked up their wedding photos a month later, Dave told me that I didn’t charge enough.
Wait, what???
So, I invited them back over and asked them to change my prices for me. After all, they knew better than I did where I fit into the market.
Their perspective was invaluable and I still use their comments when I’m creating new price lists & packages.
I’ve been thanking them for changing my business ever since.
If you have 15 minutes today, listen to my full and honest story that I shared in my private Facebook group. 
My pricing confidence came from this one-two punch.
First, Jenna and Dave set me straight about being under charged for my skill level. And two, I started using a studio management software that taught me how to price my photography business with profit in mind. 
In this video, I also share with you:
  • my early failures with my prices.
  • my old and new price lists.
  • the one thing that really stuck with me, thanks to Jenna & Dave.
  • simple sales tips so you don’t even need price lists.
  • how to over-simplify your prices for your clients.
What I wish I had when I began my business was a photography price list template. I needed a proven strategy for my wedding photography business instead of picking numbers out of thin air based on what I thought was ‘affordable’.
So many years were wasted on just guessing at what I should charge, and I sure as heck left a ton of money on the table.
When your clients spend $4000 on flowers or the cake, and only $600 on the photography, you know something is wrong.
And what is wrong is me and my pricing. I let them get away with it.

The biggest lesson I learned from Jenna and Dave was that if they wanted something, they would have PAID for it.

There was no need to include anything at all.

{mind blown!}

Are you curious about how I can help you have confidence in your pricing? 

I teach photographers and artists how to set their prices, with an easy to repeat system and quiet their fear around selling.

If you are ready to take your income to the next level, I have a limited time offer for new clients in my one-on-one Profit Amplifier program. It is designed to take the guesswork out of your pricing and give you clarity and confidence to charge what you are worth.

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