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SmartAlbums Tutorial: How to Reload Previews and Finalize Design

how to update previews in Smart Albums

SmartAlbums is an album design software for photographers and it has been my software of choice since the first day it hit the market. I’m in LOVE with it.

This software has transformed how I design wedding albums and removes all of the stress of offering books to my photography clients.

In today’s SmartAlbums tutorial, I show you how to update image previews in Smart Albums, edit images in Photoshop from within the software, and finish an album design. 


With Smart Albums, I went from taking around 40 hours to design a wedding album to two.

How to use SmartAlbums Software:

After the image choices have been approved by the client, I edit all of my wedding photos in Photoshop. Next, I go back into SmartAlbums to check that everything looks consistent as well as ensure that I didn’t miss any images.

Typically I’ll miss two. Sigh.

One area I was getting stuck in the software was when the edited images didn’t show the adjustments.

There is a little trick on how to force Smart Albums to reload from the original file so you can see the changes. It is called “reload from original”and you can use Command R to do the same.


Use Command + R to refresh the previews and “reload from original” in SmartAlbums

This SmartAlbums tutorial also shows you how to:

  • use smart albums to design a wedding album.
  • reload from original file to update color changes.
  • edit an image in Photoshop with SmartAlbums.
  • look for image consistency and storytelling.

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