client management systems for small businesses

Revealed! The secret to staying organized with 17Hats vs. Tave

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Client Management Software for small businesses

Does this sound familiar? 

  • You just finished submitting your taxes for the year and you realized you brought in WAY more money than you thought you did.
  • You felt broke, so where did all the money go?
  • Or maybe you worked your little tushy off all year and totally crushed the holidays only to find that you lost track of where you were in your workflow? 

–>> You wish there was an easier way to get clients from inquiry to booking, removing as much of ​you​ as possible.

Small Business Software Review

I’ve been there.

There have been years where I’ve been too busy shooting to follow up with client emails and leads.

Many times, I’ve ignored an over due invoice because I didn’t want to bug my clients. One year I also had a banner year, yet felt like I actually made LESS money than the previous year.

Um, how did I not notice an extra $25,000 that year?? Why was I still broke?

That’s when I got serious and signed up with a business software to track clients and my sales.

If you want to know how to run a successful photo studio, the first thing you need is a studio management software for your photography business.
There are a lot of different small business software options on the market that offer:
    • client tracking
    • workflow systems
    • automatic invoicing
    • contracts
    • email reminders

This is what you need in order to have a photo studio that makes money. 

Studio Management Software Options

There are several new client management systems on the market for solopreneurs, photographers, freelancers and other small businesses and they all have pros and cons to each.

Some of the most popular small business software on the market are Dubsado, 17Hats, Tave (60 days instead of 30, I get a free month), SproutStudio, Honeybook, and even Shootproof.

Today, I review 17Hats and Tave to explain what I look for in managing my photography studio and client workflow and show you which one is BEST with the financial side of business.

how to Sell photo books for families and newborn photography

If you want to become a professional photographer, you need to do these three things:

  • Be organized
  • Make it easy for your client to book you
  • Know the financial health of your small business.

Today, I review Tave vs. 17Hats and show you the pros and cons to these solutions to your office paperwork overwhelm. 

Check out my thoughts on these two office management systems and see who I actually use in my own business over on the ‘ole YouTube channel right here!

Tave vs. 17Hats: A Showdown!

What’s in your zone of genius?

And where should you fire yourself from the business?

Are you super organized with paper folders or like me, in your brain?

Or do you have so many balls in the air that you don’t even know the Bride and Groom’s names for your next wedding??

Picking the right studio software is worth the effort and the costs.

All software takes time to setup properly, however, the right one will transform your business in unimaginable ways!

Imagine bringing in $125,000 or more a year with your photography business and still having time with your kids.

Imagine knowing at the end of the year that you made a ton more money than you planned and having a goal for spending on the business to save on taxes owed. 

That’s the power of having a photography studio software like 17Hats (affiliate link), Tave (use my affiliate link – get a 60 day free trial, instead of 30!), Sprout Studio or Dubsado.

They each offer something a little different, yet get you to the same place.

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Studio software with workflows and task lists will save you hours and hours in your business.

Knowing your numbers gives you strength!  Having a small business software with robust financial reporting has changed my life and my small business. I’m no longer afraid of paying taxes and can track my progress year to year.

What system are you using to keep your head on straight and book clients with ease?

~ Heather​

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