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Best Business Credit Cards

What do you imagine is the question I get asked the most?

The second most asked question is: 

what camera should I buy.

The #1 question I get asked though is….

–>> How the heck are you able to travel so much?

How to purchase camera Equipment

When I started my photography business a thousand years ago, I pieced together my gear bit by bit while working a full-time dead-end job. 

Each wedding that I photographed allowed me to buy a new piece of equipment and I actually named them with the last name of the couple…

  • The Gowan lens (24-70 f2.8)
  • The Parker flash (SB28 speedlight)
  • The Welch camera… (Fuji S3 digital body)

It was a great way to grow the business slowly and responsibly, yet all of the money made on those weddings went to a new piece of gear. 

Where was my big payday??

My biggest regret when starting my business

I quickly learned that I wasn’t priced profitably at $600 and my mentor was no help (she told me to charge $900). This started the fire in me for learning about running a business and how to price accordingly. 

I really really really regret not having higher prices while I was building my business and all of my friends were getting married.

But that’s not what this post is about today. For once, I’m switching it up and talking about how to MAKE money with your spending!



What I regret now was not thinking through those big ticket purchases.

Some of those lenses are still in my camera bag today, and at $1500 a pop, I’m glad to see they were a wise investment. Other items are still collecting dust in my closet (I suck at reselling stuff).

–>> My regret is in not putting the cost on a business credit card that gives rewards back.

Dang! I really could have racked up the cash back or airline miles if I’d put this $30K+ worth of gear on strategic credit cards, not to mention all the other business expenses!

But, alas, this was way back before Google and Facebook were even a thing… (I’m old).

Business Credit Cards for Travel

Here’s the deal.. we work hard. And we should be able to play hard, thanks to our business spending.

If you have a business though…. are you harnessing all of those regular expenses?

Recently, my business twin and the best wedding photographer in Syracuse, took his family of four to Aruba during Spring Break on points and miles accrued with his regular business spending (hello, wedding albums!!).

how to find the best business credit card
Best business credit card for travel

And here’s the real kicker… most business credit cards come with extended insurance and some price match guarantees… so, why wouldn’t you put that big purchase on a business credit card?

The credit cards I use in my business all get me the free flights that allow me to now work mostly remotely. You may have heard that I went to Africa AGAIN this year, and this was thanks to the Business United card from Chase.

how to find the best business credit card

What if you aren’t traveling a lot or don’t care to?

You can use points/miles to shop on Amazon, Apple, or just for cash back too… There’s at least 12 non-travel things you can do with your points & miles. I’m currently pondering getting my next iPhone with the points I have accrued (though travel is a better redemption, but my phone is gunna die soon).

Here are some of my fave non-travel redemption options:

  • Donate them to charity!
  • Transfer them to family members/friends.
  • Shop for something fun for yourself, like a Bose sound system, a Roomba, or a new suitcase.

The Chase Ink Preferred card is the one I use for everything business related.

The sign-up bonus is worth $800 cash or even more in travel perks.

Why do I use a business credit card?

To me, all these points and miles for cheap plane tickets makes it worth the time/energy to pay attention to this stuff. Travel hacking allows me flexibility to fly to NYC for an engagement session or to San Francisco to see my client’s art opening.

–>> The 80K points for signing up is all you need for one economy ticket on an international flight!

Before hiring your next mentor, attending a conference, buying a camera/lens/computer, etc. think about signing up for the Chase Ink Preferred Business credit card ahead of time. The sign-up bonus is amazing (if you run 5K in expenses through it in the first 3 months, you get the bonus).

Earn 80,00 bonus points with Chase Ink Business Preferred.

I can be rewarded too, Learn more & apply here.

So, what’s in your wallet???

What's on your bucket list??

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