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Why I still use USB drives to deliver wedding photos

This blog post is a review of a product that I personally use and love, however, is a sponsored post in exchange for my honest review.

custom-printed and custom shape USB flash drives from USB memory direct

Digital files VS. prints & books:

If you have been following along for a while, you know that I’m ALL about tangible products for my photography clients. Wedding albums, metal wall art, holiday cards, you name it… I offer things you can feel and touch and cherish for generations.

I don’t talk about digital files with my clients and I surely do not advertise that my customers can get their hands on them.

I’m also passionate about helping my family members create their vacation books. Ironically, I still need to create my own vacation books.

Physical items stand the test of time!

  • When we are all old and grey, we’ll sit down with our nieces and nephews and grandkids… telling stories and looking at old photos of people since past.
  • Technology changes so fast that what we have today won’t be the same when you retire into your golden years. 
  • Only printed photos and books will be around. Photo books are what you grab just after the family dog if your home is on fire.

Tangible heirlooms matter.

Why I still give out USB memory sticks:

Though I LOVE creating and delivering heirloom wedding albums, I do actually include the digital files when we are all done.

My clients get a USB drive with the wedding photos upon delivery of the final wedding album. In five years, they can print random 8x10s when their grandmother passes away or they have a small frame they want filled in their home…

–>> Over the years, I’ve used several different USB media companies, with mixed success.

The first company that I used gave me drives that I could only use on a PC, not my Mac. They were duds.

I’ve used other companies that had  2 out of 20 drives not recognized by my computer at all.

Nations Photo Lab makes drives that I can print a photo on, which seemed like a good idea. However, I ordered several one wedding season and two of my clients never ordered their wedding album or their files. So, I can’t reuse those drives because their image is printed on there.

USB drives for photographers

USB Memory Direct Review:

USB Memory Direct has my back with their stunning and sturdy wooden jump drives with custom logo printing.

The USB drives came neatly packaged, ridiculously fast and ready for use.

The final packaging that I deliver the drives in is a beautiful and rustic USB box from Rice Studio Supply, which matches my branding perfectly.

custom-printed and custom shape USB flash drives from USB memory direct

USB drives instead of digital downloads?

Why do I deliver on a USB drive instead of allowing my customers to download their files online? 

One word: tangible

Yes, I have to charge NYS sales tax because these digital files are put on a physical object, but it’s so much bigger than that. When they have a physical USB drive, it allows them to place the drive in a safety deposit box or safe.

It also is just a little bit more special because you can pick the perfect drive for your branding.

Wedding coverage is usually also around 800 images, so downloading that many files can be extremely cumbersome for our clients.

There are many reasons to use USB drives to deliver digital files.

Do you use USB drives?

Look, I get it. You think your clients just want the digital files and you don’t know what to say to them. Just start offering the matching digital file upon purchase of a tangible, physical heirloom that’s printed professionally by you!

About USB Direct:

USB Memory Direct specializes in custom-printed and custom shape USB flash drives.

Being in business for over 15 years, UMD has gained a reputation for being one of the premiere providers of wholesale USB flash drives across the country.

With a wide variety of drive styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a drive that you can customize to perfectly represent you and your brand.

–>> You can also rest assured knowing that they offer a lifetime guarantee on any and all drives you purchase from them.

Check them out today and request a quote from one of their friendly and knowledgeable account executives.

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