What it’s Like to be a Professional Photographer – a Podcast Interview

“You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays.”

Yesterday I was in my weekly spin class, huffing and puffing, feeling strong, then feeling weak, when it hit me.

Running a small business is a LOT like spinning (or riding a bike on big hills).

  • There are fast sprints.
  • There’s the slow slog of a climb.
  • There’s a very short break of recovery time before the next sprint or climb.

Running a business feels exactly the same way.

I often get asked what it’s really like to be a professional photographer and I gotta say…. There are some really high highs, some really low lows, a bit of coasting, and many many times where you’re ready to give up.

It’s what I love about going to a cycle studio for spin class though… I am not getting off of that bike until the time is up and the work is done.

–>> Afterwards, I feel taller and stronger and happy that I took time for ME.

Recently, I had the honor of being interviewed on the Book Your Dream Clients Podcast with Lindsay Maloney about my journey towards being a full-time photographer and now a nomadic business & travel coach.

Do you wonder what it’s like to be a professional photographer? Well, you’re in luck because my podcast interview is now online!

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What It's Really Like to Own a Business

The ups and down of running a photography business is also why I have been giving myself extended vacation time after 17 years of wedding photography and no real vacations.

My first trip to Africa was a much-needed break after years of PUSHING HARD in my business. It was time to coast downhill a bit to rest…

Now, I’m lucky to be able to build in these rest times more frequently so that I don’t NEED seven weeks off again.

That’s why I use all of my business and personal spending super strategically so I can get tons and tons of rewards points and miles. I’m literally addicted to it.

The freedom to travel, to work remotely when my sister had a baby, to take a day off to hike…

It’s all about that balance.

How have you found balance in your life?

Here’s the show notes from the podcast interview. Together, we discuss:

  • About Heather and her business [1.50]
  • How Heather knew it was time to pivot her business [6.50]
  • How to safely go full-time (a conversation about the math to do before you go full-time) [11.40]
  • When you are setting your prices, pretend you don’t have any safety nets [23.10]
  • Heather’s favorite thing to ride off in her business [23.55]
  • Money saving hacks with credit cards [25.35]
  • 2 secret travel hacks anyone can do [33.50]
  • Travel apps Heather likes to use [42.00]
  • How to work with Heather [45.00]

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