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What to Wear as a Wedding Photographer

When you are beginning your photography business, there are so many random things to work through. A common early question is “what should I wear to a wedding if I’m the wedding photographer”?

what should I wear to a wedding if I'm the wedding photographer?

You want to be comfortable, yet you want to fit in with the wedding style. How to do you straddle that line as well as stay cool on steamy and hot summer days?

Finding clothing that breathes, has pockets, fits nicely, and looks good is a never ending struggle.

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What to wear to photograph a wedding

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of outfit changes. Sometimes I’ll wear a lot of grey and sometimes I’ll wear browns during the busy Fall wedding season.

Occasionally I’ll find nice tank tops or dresses, however, most of the time I wear black slacks and a black top.

Whatever you wear, it should slightly match the vibe of the wedding and you should appear invisible in the background of the guest’s photos from the wedding.

  • When the wedding is a high-end country club wedding, I dress it up a bit more and wear pearls.
  • If the wedding venue is a backyard BBQ style, I can get away with dresses, flats, tank tops, and a more casual wardrobe.


The colors you choose need to show you as invisible in OTHER people’s photos.

Just because you look nice in person, doesn’t mean you should wear a bright green dress or shiny blue button down dress shirt. The colors you choose need to show you as invisible in OTHER people’s photos.

At my brother’s wedding, their photographer wore a lime green dress. She looked cute, however, it was a Fall wedding in the Texas Hill Country with brown and peach tones. Every single time she was in the background of one of my pictures, I had to just make that photo black & white.

Wedding coordinators do that to me a lot too. Bright red pants, bright blue dresses, all of these are a pain in my butt. So don’t do that to someone else.

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what should I wear to a wedding if I'm the wedding photographer?
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Wedding Photographer Dress Code

wedding photographer dress code
photographer dress code for weddings

Running, jumping, standing on stone walls, crouching, laying on the ground, wading through a stream, you name it, I’ve done it at a wedding.

–>> I’ll do whatever I need to do to get a good shot and therefore I need to be dressed for the occasion.

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what should I wear to a wedding if I'm the wedding photographer?
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Another major consideration for what to wear to photograph a wedding is the fit and feel of clothing while schlepping 25 pounds of photography gear for 8+ hours.

I like wearing form fitting clothing, even though I’m not a small girl. The less adjusting of my clothes, the better.

Now, let’s talk shoes. When you are younger, you might wear ballet flats, flip flops or something like that. These options will KILL your feet and back, giving you heavy regrets later on down the road.

Treat yourself to a real pair of shoes and include them in your CODB. For decades, at all of my jobs, I’ve worn the Dansko Professional clogs

Yeah, I get it. I know they aren’t super cute. But like a work horse, I never go photograph a wedding without them.

Your back, knees, and feet will thank you. Plus, I can just kick them off quickly when I need to stand on a chair or in a super quiet church!

what to we are at a wedding for photographers

So, What is your Wedding Dress Code?

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