How to Book a Photography Gig: the odd way I snagged my biggest client

Are you an amateur photographer who is ready to start booking photography jobs? There is a huge difference in the mentality and approach that a hobbyist photographer takes to getting gigs on the side vs. a professional photographer. Don’t sell yourself (and the industry) short or leave money on the table.

Today I discuss the weirdest way I snagged my biggest client from the most unlikely source. As well as how I brought my professional A-game to the job to ensure longevity.

how to book a photography job


How to book a photography gig:

Networking doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m always attempting to break the ice and mention my skills when I meet someone that may have an opportunity for me. My ‘elevator pitch’ isn’t really that strong, even after all of these years as a photographer.

However, sometimes when I’m chasing one lead, it will guide me to something I was meant to do instead. The key here is to jump on the opportunity and harness the power of professional sales in order to land a paid photography job that’s worthwhile. 

That’s what happened to me when I was networking with a gynecologist in the hopes of documenting babies, birth photography and family portraits.

That lead did not pan out and ironically it lead to something much bigger and better.


When I was punted the football, I ran with it… all the way down the field for a touchdown.

That is the power of being a professional vs. an amateur photographer. I’m not leaving any money on the table, my client is much happier and I booked my biggest photography gig which pays enough to get me through the winter!

Learn How to Book a Photography Gig in this video:

How did you book a photography gig in a weird way? Share your story below in the comments. 

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